Service User’s Guide 

Summary of Purpose of the Home

Woodside Grange Care Home is owned by Mr and Mrs Snook and Mr and Mrs Parton, with the business address being 45 Tan-y-Bryn Road, Rhos on Sea, Colwyn Bay LL28 4AD.

Woodside Grange Care Home was purchased by the present owners in December 2002, to provide residential and EMI residential care for the elderly within our community. We aim to enable older people from our multi-cultural and socially diverse community to continue living as independently as possible by receiving care and support consistent with their incapacities and disabilities. Many of our residents require high levels of care and support, and we aim to provide this through integrating our service with other local care professionals such as District Nurses, Community Psychiatric Nurse and GP’s, and by a team developed mechanism for assessing individual resident needs and monitoring progress against an original plan of care.

We continue to value each and every individual who comes to live at Woodside Grange Care Home.  We welcome applications from people from all walks of life, as we endeavour to offer our facilities to enable our residents to enjoy a fulfilling life and maintain their links with family, friends and community groups.  All residents are assured that they will be treated with respect and dignity according to their individual needs and wishes.

People who enquire about our accommodation and services, are provided with a brochure containing details about the Home, and all are encouraged to visit the Home before continuing with their application.  Any application for a place at Woodside Grange Care Home, will follow the same procedures – an assessment of need will be undertaken by the senior care staff, in conjunction with the hospital, social services or family members, depending on where the applicant is.  If social services are involved a financial assessment will be undertaken by them, to determine any funding which the service user may be entitled to as a contribution to the costs of their accommodation and care.

Each application is given careful consideration by the Home’s management team and, depending on vacancies, a decision to offer a place is usually made within three working days.  Where there is no current vacancy, it is possible for an applicant to be placed on a waiting list, where they may be contacted at regular intervals, to see if the placement is still required, or if there has been any change in circumstances.

Number of Places and for whom

Woodside Grange Care Home is registered for 35 placements. Seventeen rooms are for general residential clients and eighteen rooms for EMI residential clients. The home aims to provide a high standard of accommodation in thirty five rooms, all of which offer en-suite facilities.  Most of our bedrooms are available for single occupancy, however we can provide companion rooms for two people should this facility be requested.

Anyone over the age of 65 years, who because of physical or mental incapacities require help with daily living, is entitled to apply for a place at Woodside Grange Care Home.

Qualifications of Registered Provider, Manager and Staff

In addition to the home manager, the home employs a deputy home manager, three senior care assistants, eighteen care assistants (full time and part time), two cooks, two kitchen assistants, four domestic staff, a maintenance team and a gardener.  Most of our care staff live in the surrounding area, and are familiar with it, which is a help to our residents.  During the day there are always five members of staff on duty excluding the Home Manager. Overnight there are always three members of staff on duty, and a senior member of staff is always on call.  All new staff receive training in the Home’s philosophy and values as part of their induction training.

Woodside Grange Care Home is owned by Michelle Snook RGN. Michelle has had over twenty eight years experience of caring for the elderly. Firstly as a qualified nurse in her hometown of Stoke-on-Trent and then as the owner and manager of Woodfold Nursing Home in Rhos-on-Sea. She is keenly involved in overseeing the day- to-day operation of the Home and is assisted in this by Mr Andrew Snook, who is the Home Manager and Mrs Jacqueline Bodden, Deputy Home Manager.

The Home Manager is Andrew Snook. Andrew has over twenty eight years experience within the care industry. He has previously owned and operated Woodfold Care Home and presently owns and operates Woodside Grange Care Home and Woodcroft Care Home. He has extensive knowledge of the care industry previously working for Christie and Co in Manchester specialising in quality management systems for care facilities. He was also employed by Harmony Healthcare being responsible for fourteen care homes based throughout the UK. After gaining valuable experience with  Harmony he took up the post of UK Operations Manager for Anne Murray and Associates specialising in corporate recovery work. This involved operating care homes that had gone into receivership or were in financial difficulty. This involved expertise in operational procedures, co-ordinating meetings with social services, health authorities and other governing bodies. Good communication skills and man management experience were essential in providing a safe environment for service user’s to live within these distressed homes. Andrew achieved his NVQ 4 Care Managers award in 2004.

Jackie Bodden joined the team at Woodside Grange in 2006. Jackie began her career in the care sector in 1999. Her experience and knowledge has been gained through working within various EMI and Residential care environments. She has continued to develop her skills through continued learning. Some of the courses that have been attended include, Emergency First Aid, Introduction to Dementia, Care of Medicines and Medicine Management, Health and Safety, Manual Handling, abuse training, and has completed NVQ level 3 in care Award. Jackie is presently studying to gain her Care Managers Award.

Description of Accommodation, Support, Facilities and Specialist Services

The individual resident’s agreed plan of care or service plan provides the basis on which Woodside Grange Care Home’s care service is delivered.  Each resident’s plan includes a description of their preferred daily routine, their likes and dislikes in relation to food and any special dietary requirements.  It also includes their preferences in respect of how they like to be addressed and what dignity, privacy and respect means to them in terms of daily behaviour and actions.

The care plan also includes a risk assessment and any risk management plan needed.  It also includes details of health care needs, medication, details of GP and any other therapeutic services provided or that the resident has commissioned for themselves, e.g physiotherapy.  The service plan also includes details of the resident’s social interests and activities, so that staff can encourage them to pursue these interests after admission has taken place.  Service users are encouraged to attend religious services of their choice, and help may be offered in the form of assisting to church, or ensuring regular visits from the vicar or priest.  Service users are further encouraged to maintain contact with relatives, friends and representatives, and may have them visit at any appropriate time.

Each resident is allocated a member of the care staff to act as a key worker.  Key workers are responsible for assisting the resident, by marking laundry, undertaking small shopping purchases etc, if relatives are not available.

The daily care programme is organised as a response to residents’ individual and combined needs.  All mealtimes are fairly flexible, and residents can arrange to have meals in their rooms, in the lounges or in the dining room.  Our communal areas are divided into a quite area, for reading etc, and listening and viewing areas, with television and audio equipment available.  This provides choice and reflects the residents’ interests.

User Surveys And Views Of The Home

We are committed to maintaining and improving the quality of our service. We have quality policies and procedures in place within the home, and these are constantly under review and revision, to ensure that our care is of the highest quality available.  An important part of our approach to quality assurance is to obtain the views of many groups of people involved with our home, such as residents, relatives and their representatives, and other multi disciplinary groups, for example our local G.P. practices.  We obtain views in a number of ways, either through meetings with residents, relatives and their representatives, or through surveys. We presently have a 94% satisfaction rating. We encourage all relatives and care professionals to fill out the Care Home.Co.Uk questionnaire as well. You can find these in the hallway or just ask a member of staff.

Key Contract Terms – Admission, Occupancy, Termination Of Contract

When people move in they have one month built into their occupancy terms and conditions, to decide whether “this is the place for them”.  This first month then provides an opportunity for staff to get to know the individual service user and their family, and to identify their needs and preferred ways of living, e.g. the time they like to get up in the morning and the time they like to go to bed at night.

During this period, the individual’s care and support requirements are also assessed and discussed, and developed into an agreed plan.  This will include discussion and assessment of any risks to which the service user or staff may be exposed as a result of making their own choices and decisions.  It also includes discussion, with the agreement of the service user, with any relatives or representatives who may be involved about the person’s care needs and plan.  The aim is to achieve a plan of care with which everyone involved is happy.

Fees Charged, What They Cover, Cost of Extras

Fees vary depending on the individual needs of the service user, and are usually payable four weeks in advance.  Prior to admission each service user and their relatives, if appropriate, will be notified of the fee structure and payment details.  Some or all of the fees may be met by the local authority. Senior staff within the home will be able to help the service user or their relatives with this matter.

Fees include all care and accommodation costs, food and drink, heating and lighting, any laundry done on the premises and any other services that staff provide.  Service users are expected to pay from their personal allowance or private income for personal items such as newspapers, tapes, books and magazines, and for additional services provided at Woodside Grange Care Home, such as hairdressing and chiropody.  Residents are free to make their own arrangements for buying in such services.

Fees will be reviewed every year or more often if it is necessary to make changes to the service plan.

Copy of Complaints Procedure – Information About How To Contact The Local CSSIW and Health Care

A copy of our complaints procedure is available in the vestibule of the home, or alternatively a copy can be sent to you if requested.

In the event of you wishing to make a complaint, or needing further information on your rights and standards, you may wish to contact the following organisations:-

The National Assembly for Wales
CSSIW North Wales Region,
Government Offices,
Sarn Mynach,
Llandudno Junction,
LL31 9RZ

Tel: 0300 062 5609

Copy of Inspection Report

A copy of our last inspection report is also available for you to view at the home, if you wish. Alternatively you can view the latest report on the CSSIW website: